Loan Documents

Please gather your financial documents and upload them to SmartVault.  If you don’t have an account, please let us know.


  • Tax Return (2 years, if rental income is used, self-employed, gap in employment)
  • Pay stubs (1 recent month & within 60 days of closing)
  • W-2 (2 years)
  • Social Security SSA-199
  • 1099-R
  • Self-employed: Profit & loss statements (2 years)


  • Bank statement (all pages, 1 months, same rule as pay stub)
  • Retirement account (all pages with your full name)
  • Information on other real estates

Other Documents

  • Photo ID (driver license)
  • Property tax statement
  • Home insurance declaration page with agent contact (coverage must equal or greater than loan seek)
  • Mortgage statement showing current balance 
  • Living trust (Declaration page with notary)
  • Insurance Mortgage Clause
  • Home Loan Payoff Demand
  • HELOC, Solar, other home lien subordinate agreement

Other Financial Services

Explore our tax preparation, financial advisory, and other services in addition to your mortgage to gain a holistic view of your financial picture.

Upload to SmartVault

Please upload the above documents to SmartVault.  If you don’t have an account, let us know.