Financial Guidance

Gain insight into your future.  Talk to us about your financial situation.  Check out each of the areas below to learn more about our unique process.

Special situation planning (10 hrs. minimum)

Your financial situation is unique. We help with the following cases.

  • Inheritance: When you inherit money, you need to know what steps to put that money to work for you.  
  • Loss of a loved one:  Losing a loved one is difficult. Unfortunately, a pile of financial documents and difficult decisions accompanies the grief. We can help you navigate the financial arrangements of your late family member or friend.
  • After Divorce:  After a divorce, you will have to reassess your current financial situation and long-term goals. You may be concerned about the taxes you will have to pay. You may be unsure whether to sell your assets or pay off your debt. We help you address these questions and more.
  • Caring for an elderly parent’s finances:  As your parent gets older, you may worry about their ability to manage daily finances. Get advice on how to handle your parent’s money in a way that preserves their dignity. 

In any of the above situations, you may have tax concerns, questions on financial terms or complex paperwork to fill out. Give our team a call. We can lower your stress and address these questions and more.

*Each planning situation requires a minimum of 10 hours.

Protect & Extend

Lifetime Wealth

Choose one to see planning details

Loss of a loved one

Caring for your elder parent’s finance


After divorce

Financial guidance (10 hrs. minimum)


Your financial situation is unique. We help with the following economic areas.

  • Basic finance for young adults: Develop a solid financial foundation through education and real-life practice.
  • Budgeting for your wedding: Develop your wedding budget so you can start your union on the right foot and without too much debt.
  • Buying your first home:  Learn the ins and outs of the home-buying process and the financial matters you need to know.
  • Financial readiness for new parents: Kids can be expensive. Learn the financial adjustments you need for this exciting, new stage of life.
  • Buying a new house: Go over the transition process of buying and selling your property, changing locations, as well as tax implications of the transactions.
  • Refinancing your home: Run the numbers to see if refinancing your current mortgage will reduce your monthly and long-term interest payments.
  • Funding your child’s college education: The cost of education continues to skyrocket. Avoid the mistakes of millions of other parents by learning to support your child’s education properly.
  • Cash flow analysis: Know where your money is coming from and where it’s going. With this in mind, you can assess what things to change to optimize your monthly cash flow.
  • Investment asset allocation: We will help you put your money to work with an asset allocation suited to your income requirements and risk tolerance.
  • Life insurance review:  Are you paying too much for life insurance coverage? Do you have sufficient coverage for your dependents’ needs? We can answer these questions and more to ensure you get the right amount of coverage without overpaying.
  • Downsizing a home:  Switching to a smaller home can be more complicated than it sounds. Before downsizing, get a financial consultation to shelter your home equity from excess taxes and ensure homeownership furthers your long-term goals. 
  • Protection planning:  Life takes unexpected turns. Make sure you and your loved ones have adequate medical, liability, life, and other insurance to weather the inevitable storms of life.

*Each planning situation requires a minimum of 10 hours.


Your Life Stages

Choose one to see planning details

Basic finance for young adults

Budgeting for your wedding

Buying your first-home

Financial readiness for new parents

Life insurance purchase or review

Refinancing your home

Funding your child’s college education

Buying a new house

Protection planning

Cash flow analysis

Investment planning

Downsizing a home