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Retirement Advisors


Gain insight into your future.  Talk to us about your financial situation.  We’ll help you prepare for your retirement today by creating a well-rounded strategy.  Check out each of the areas below to learn more about our unique process.

Retirement planning ( 15 hrs. minimum)

Are you ready to retire?  Will you have enough?  Whether you are working toward early retirement or you plan to work beyond age 65, you need to weigh all the factors involved:

  • Your needs, wants, goals
  • Your current and future expenses
  • Your current and future income
  • Your current and future tax liability
  • Your current financial resources
  • Investment risk tolerance

We can help you examine these factors and give you a clear picture of your retirement readiness.  With an in-depth analysis, you will get a detailed picture of how much retirement will cost and how much support will recieved from your pension, social security, investment accounts, and other assets. 

With that picture in mind,  we will provide strategies to meet your needs, wants, and goals.  This eliminates guesswork, spares you from needless worry, and allows you to retire confidently.  

Choose one to see planning details

Pre-retirement: typical age 40 to 55

Pre-retirement: typical age  56 to 62

Just before retirement: typical age  63 to 66

In retirement: typical age 67 to 86

Tax saving strategies

Medicare planning

Pension, social security maximization

Long-term care planning

Cash flow analysis