Investment Management

Gain insight into your future.  Talk to us about your financial situation.  We’ll help you prepare for your investment today by creating a well-rounded strategy.  Check out each of the areas below to learn more about our unique process.

Investment management

Are you concerned about falling short of your financial goals?  Our investment management services can help you close the gaps and reach those goals.

  • Investment portfolio: We develop our portfolios based on many factors, including the valuation of specific sectors, macro-economic conditions, and fundamental analysis.
  • Risk tolerance assessment: You will get a risk tolerance assessment before you invest in any of our portfolios.
  • Our value to you:  According to a Vanguard study*, an advisor can provide an  additional 3 percent investment return per year.  This is done by helping you with the following:
    • Helping you stay disciplined with behavioral coaching
    • Choosing investments with lower expense ratios
    • Rebalancing your investments periodically
    • Designing proper asset allocation
    • Utilizing a safe withdrawal strategy

*Information obtained from the Vanguard report titled “Putting a Value on Your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha®.” Vanguard is an independent third party and is not associated with Gardena Financial.

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Asset Allocation

Choosing Low-Cost Investments


Behavioral Coaching