our pricing vs other enrolled agents or certified public accountants 

The complexity of your tax return determines our and most other tax firms’ pricing.  Given that each person’s return is unique and until we comprehensively inspect all your tax information, we can only provide our minimum and fee range listed below. 

In general, our preparation fee is comparable to other tax firms, outlined below, with similar credential and experience. 

Please take your time to review the information below and ensure you are comfortable with our pricing guideline before you schedule an appointment with us.    

Gardena Financial, EA (minimum $375, most clients pay $495 – $895), see our price range below.

Patricia A. Beckwith, CPA (minimum $695 for Tax Year 2023)

Pacific Northwest (Avg. $950 – $1200)

Adap Tax Financial ( $595 to $1000)

WCG, CPA (minimum $800)

Tax Happens, CPA ($350 to $750)

Lieb, Cody and Co, CPA (Individual: $1000 to $4000, Business: $1500 to $4000)

Watson Tax, CPA (Avg. $1,200), SM LLC $750

JWJ Accounting, EA (Individual  $600 to $1500, Business $650 to $3,500)  

David Beck, CPA ( Minimum $495)

San Diego Tax & Financial 



unLicensed & Licensed Tax Preparers, EA, & cpa 

A high-quality tax preparer with extensive experience and more credentials is likely to charge more than the average tax preparer. 

The figures below are estimates of averages of  tax preparers that can NOT represent you and those (EAs & CPAs) that CAN in case of an audit.

Reference: National Society of Accountants(NSA) 2020-2021 Income & Fees of Accountants and Tax Preparers in Public Practice Survey Report

Each person’s tax filing is unique.  Situation out of the norm of your regular tax filing (i.e. selling a house, car EV credit, etc.) may require tax research, billed at 15 minutes increment at a rate of $325 per hour, with 1 hour minimum.  Accounting related work is $125 per hour.  

*We reserve the right to change our service’s prices at any time without further notice.

**New client with rental property will incur a one time charge per property to set up deprecation

Why do some tax places charge less than the average? They likely…

  • prepare many tax returns (i.e. “tax preparation sweatshop”)
  • focus on quantity rather than quality
  • are not very professional and you end up wasting time
  • lack experience and/or credentials
  • make lots of mistakes
  • won’t have time to double and triple check your tax return for deductions, credits, and other benefits 

According to the IRS, “The IRS reminds taxpayers to be careful when selecting a tax professional. Though most tax professionals provide honest, high-quality service, a minority of dishonest preparers operate each filing season perpetrating refund fraud, identity theft, and other scams that hurt innocent taxpayers.” 

should I prepare my own taxes?

  • This depends on your opportunity cost
  • If you add all of the costs below, your total is likely to be over $500
  • A tax software costs approximately $63 on average
  • Your time: The IRS estimates about 13 hours to prepare your own tax return
  • If your salary is $50k/year, the 13 hours you put in will cost you about $312
  • Plus, what deductions, credits, and other benefits might you be missing?
  • If you get audited, who will help guide you?

What is your tax preparation process?

  • Step 1: Pay a retainer (after paying a retainer, we will set up your own private, secure folder to upload your documents)

  • Step 2: Fill out an organizer (telling us about your situation via a checklist) & sign an engagement letter

  • Step 3: Upload your source documents (W-2, 1099, etc.)

  • Step 4: Schedule an appointment to go over your tax return & pick up your final return

Who is our ideal client?

  • Individuals who are looking and willing to pay for quality of service rather than shop for the lowest price 

  • Professional with good follow-through

  • One who seeks an annual on-going tax preparation rather than a one time service just to resolve a specific issue 

  • People who understand the power and value of our ability to employ and integrate different financial components, leading to potential money and time-saving strategies

  • Professionals who value long term relationships rather than a quick transaction  

what is so unique about OUR serviceS?

Yes, we’ll prepare your tax. And you will likely save time and money because of our interdisciplinary financial credentials and wealth of experience listed below.  Start with our tax service and build from there.

1.  Tax accountant (Enrolled Agent)

2.  Financial advisor (Series 7, 66, 24, RIA)

3.  Mortgage broker (CA Dept. of Real Estate & NMLS)

4.  Real estate broker (CA Dept. of Real Estate )

5.  Insurance broker (CA Dept. of Insurance  for risk management) 


Credentials (3 of 5)

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is a tax advisor who is a federally authorized tax practitioner certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Enrolled Agents represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service for tax issues including audits, collections, and appeals.

What is an Investment Adviser Representative?

A professional who works for an registered investment advisor firm and has passed a security test in order to offer investment advice.  Kiak Tae holds a Series 7, 66, and 24.

What are NMLS Mortgage Loan Originators?

Mortgage licensed professionals who are licensed to help consumers originate loans.  Kiak Tae is licensed as a real estate broker as well.  These are just three of the five credentials Gardena Financial holds.

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