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More than a tax preparation firm

Reduce your tax and gain a holistic perspective on your finances.  Seamlessly integrate your tax with  financial planning services.

Trustworthy with Individual Tax

Trust is critical to any healthy relationship. Loyal clients have trusted us for over 20 years.  We provide timely, accurate filing and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Experienced with Business Tax

Whether you are a sole proprietor, LLC, or S-corp, we have real-life experience filing business taxes for a variety of businesses, large and small.  Rest easy  knowing your tax returns are done correctly–the first time.

Professional with Tax Defense

We aim for consistency and integrity, and we stand by our work. In the event of an audit, we will stand by you and help you navigate every step of the way. 

Why file your individual taxes with Gardena Financial?

  • Save time  (IRS estimated nearly 20 hours)
  • Avoid triggering an audit
  • Rely on the knowledge and experience of an Enrolled Agent–a federally licensed tax advisor, empowered to represent you before the IRS and other tax agencies
  • Benefit from money-saving tax planning
  • Correct issues from previous tax filings
  • Skip time-consuming calls to the IRS
  • Avoid keeping up with complicated tax code
  • Gain peace of mind

You build your business.  We’ll handle your taxes.

  • Save time–an average of 24 hours to file a business tax return
  • Include every business deduction in your bookkeeping 
  • Avoid errors and problems with your return by using an Enrolled Agent–a federally licensed tax advisor, empowered to represent you before the IRS and other tax agencies
  • Optimize a retirement savings for you and your employees
  • Ensure prior-year tax returns do not miss deductions
  • Get money back by amending prior-year tax returns
  • Review the cash flow of your business accounts
  • Spend time developing your business and service clients, not learning the tax code
  • Rest easy knowing you have tax professionals to guide you and help you through any problems that arise

Tax Defense Service


Tax problems come in different forms.

  • Letter from the IRS demanding you file your past taxes
  • IRS tax problems
  • State tax problems, and other agencies
  • IRS payment plan
  • Offer in compromise

Tax authorities are constantly increasing their tax enforcement efforts.  When you get the dreaded tax notice that your tax return or  business will audited, the first thing you should do is seek professional tax advice.  A licensed Enrolled Agent, we can handle your tax case and represent you before the IRS.

Audit defense

File past tax returns

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Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Tax or Financials Burden You Any Longer

You don’t have to deal with your situation alone.  Whether you need to file your individual tax, business taxes, or deal with tax issues, we are here to help reduce your stress.

Get Your Taxes Done Right

If you’re like most, you dread tax filing.  Even though income tax preparation can be dreadful, frustrating, and complicated, knowing some fundamentals can help you save money, time, and reduce stress.

1.  Know the difference between “gross income” and “taxable income”. 

2.  Get all the tax deductions.  Ask us about our Tax Preparation Checklist.

3.  Remember to take tax credits if you qualify for any.

4.  Seek help from tax professionals if you feel you might miss deductions or credits